Building a house in Yorkville, Pt 4 August, 2005.  Lots  of details, lots of devils.

Hi Everybody,

Shopping. I haven't been so much shopping since the days of Quisp and Quake. Like planning a wedding, building a house sends a message indicating you are spending so much money that there is no need for bloodsuckers to be rational to siphon away cash. Do people actually get paid to design these lamps? They should be sterilized, not rewarded for such aesthetic endevours. It does seem that the simpler the design, the MORE money it costs. Tiffany glass and wrought iron are the natural state of raw materials, they have to be carefully transmogrified to take the shape of say, simple geometric objects.

Both the power company (tpc) and The Phone Company (TPC) deigned to visit on the same day, bringing the news both good, bad and very bad. Good: we can get started digging the trench to bring power from the neighbors. Bad: we could've started before, except nobody told us. Very bad: The phone connection, which a year ago was no big deal, now must be trenched and inspected all the way to the house.  Up a steep, wooded hill. Ssiigghh.

We have fans, a bathtub and light switches installed. Walls are going up and the coverings thereof are passionately discussed. The exterior has received most of the first coat of stucco, which then must dry for two weeks. Bathroom fixtures and floors and appliances and tigers, oh my.  Sometimes, I do feel that I've been working two jobs; visiting the site before work, doing budgets in the evening.

It's amazing, indescribable, to see this take form. As the shape was finished, and internal workings of pipes and wires were installed, I could feel a presence start to emerge and encompass a formerly inert arrangement of materials. To misquote Laurie Anderson "It creeps into your life at night, it's house, it's House."
Be sure to check out the progess page, it has progressed!


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