A house in Yorkville- Pt 2, June 20, a continuing saga continues...

Well, the windows arrived, but so did the rains.
We are now two days away from the summer solstice and it's still wet. We have only ourselves to blame; we have tried twice to finish the pouring of the foundation, and twice received torrential downpours on the day in question. The 8th of June was the first attempt, and we received three inches of rain, in less than 36 hours! At the vineyard where I work, records go back about 15 years, and as we had three days of rain hit the 16th-18th, a check of the rainfall records showed the 16th to be later than any rain in the previous decade and a half. We are blessed with good drainage, so the water goes quickly, but the windows have been sitting mostly uncovered through the storms now, maybe we should have got them with a finish on the interior. Anyone interested in visiting with some sandpaper and a lot of spare time? The builder was ready to pour, rain or shine, on the 16th, but the concrete trucks didn't want to navigate our driveway in the rain. Sure it's a bit steep, and not paved, but come on, what are you chicken Mr. Truck Driving Guy? Jim the builder is just as happy not to have to pay to have them towed out of the muck anyway.
The positive news is that the remaining pour is for the very small part of the house that will be two levels. The majority of the place is on one foundation, which was done during the first visit of the concrete monsters. So, the sub-floor is done, with plumbing going in on that section, and the framing is going up at a good clip. We can see the roof-line starting to take form, and it looks OK. Since we are acting as architects, I'm quite relieved it doesn't look like crap, at least not yet.
Many of the decorative choices are being made, with an eclectic selection of natural surfaces taking form: Reclaimed oak, some cork as well as fairly rough tile will cover the floors. We are selecting fireproof building materials for the exterior, with a metal roof and stucco exterior. There are quite a few windows, and the view is nice, if you like to look at trees. We had to remove one small fir tree, but the rest wait for their chance at vengance, hoping to fall just the right direction.

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