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 Machines 'help' us...

..."tame" the earth.

   This was the expensive bit,

bored directly into the earth.

Nice sandy soil though.

     At the top, water and power flow in.

At the bottom,..well you know
what flows downhill.


Hopefully, the trees will eventually...




(do trees forget?)

Electricity (to the left) and

water (to the right)
peacefully coexist
in our idyllic trench.

Oh, and a
bunch of stuff
happened to
the house too.

 View of 
back door, without chardonnay

As parts look like
  a cutout cartoon highrise,
I know we have started to
make this our home.


   Inside and out, surfaces are applied, smoothed, textured and colored. Is this contruction, or a make-over?

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