1133 Discography Part 1 Notes     
Music for Strange Films
1.I'm War    (1:44)
2.Science    (4:33)
3.Fire and the Axe (3:38)
4.Both Words (6:19)
5.Ominous Horizon (2:35)
6.An Interesting Superstition (5:19)
7.Automatic World/the Shadow World (2:08)
8.Flowers in Darkness (5:34)
9.The Presidents Information (5:51)
10.Nice Guys Finish Lunch (1:42)
11. Apparent Contradictions (9:26)
Mostly recorded in 1983 and 1985 in various basements and bedrooms, MFSF was a low tech affair. Much was recorded without a mixer, direct to a Teac 4-track. It shows. Tape loops and splicing abound, along with primitive drum machines and analog synthesizers. I'm War was the first true 1133 release, recorded in 1982, proceeded only by a direct to cassette EP recorded under the pseudonym of Allen Fay's Shift.
If you love tape hiss, this one's for you!

Ritual Music for Improbable Culture
1.Phantom Venom (4:04)
2.Appropriate Technology (3:12)
3.The World Has Froze Into My Brain (2:30)
4.The Well Spun Web (4:09)
5.Hear Say (1:13)
6.Living in the Machine (4:35)
7.Momma was an Ocean, Daddy was the Sky (3:54)
8.You'reHairYou'reSkinYou'reScent (3:15)
9.Longing (2:20)
10.Might My Meditation Be Your Trance? (2:24)
11. Walking Slowly Without Mourning  (2:42)
12.Crucial Portions are Missing (2:42)
13.Tilted Sideways Dub (3:14)
14.The World Has Frozen to My Brain (2:32)

"All sounds, samples, words, performances, treatments, synthesis, sequencing, mixing, mastering and mistakes: 1133" 

Recorded from 1987-89 on 4-track cassette, many of these tracks were influenced by the availability of a marimba and perhaps too many delays. Digital technology begins to rear it's ugly head, with FM synthesis and drum samples. Although Automatic World from MFSF technically has words, we see here 1133's first gutteral attempts to communicate using words.
From a somewhat happier time, this release does have it's romantic and lyrical side and is mostly harmless.
Volume 1:   Halloween Sounds
1. Halloween '88    (19:49)
2. Halloween Too  (21:54)

Volume 2:   TV Theme Hell
1. a. Bombwinkle
    b. Need to Fear
    c. Quadrupal Jeopardy
    d. RadioActive Neighborhood
    e. Green Horns  (24:00 total running time)
2. a. Crazy Dab'll Do Ya
    b. Get Adam's Family

    c. American Twilight
    d. Petty Cat Jumble
    e. Why Five? Oh.  (22:37)

These Halloween sessions were assembled as much as performed, and were not intended to be music as much as the audio portion of a multimedia immersion haunted house experience. Vol 1 was recorded onto 4-track cassette in 1987 and 1988, and featured tapes, analog synthesis, samples, mouth noises and various found objects.
Vol 2 was sequenced via midi using a sampler with ONE megabyte of RAM. Each suite was assembled and recorded to stereo cassette with no overdubbing. Although there are 'song' titles, there are not distinct ends and beginnings of songs. 
Vol 2 is a parody strictly for educational purposes and was recorded in 1989 or 1990.